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New Job

April 3rd, 2011 at 04:24 am

I have not been working since the end of last year. I quit the job I'd had for 6.5 years because I was tired of all the traveling it required. I was usually on the road 3 days a week and really did not enjoy that in the winter time. I am a chicken when it comes to driving in snow. Since we no longer had any debt payments we could afford for me to be home for a while as I looked for something else to do.

I knew that I wanted to work part-time and wanted it to be close to home so I didn't have to drive. That's hard to find in a small town (population 2500) with very limited options.

I had briefly tried working from home for a company that contracts with individuals to provide phone support. I thought I was really going to like that. I worked one week doing that and resigned. The training for that particular job was not adequate. I still have the phone and headset so I could fall back on something like that again if I had to. I have friends that work for other companies fulfilling more of a switchboard type of role and they really enjoy it.

Last week I got an email that the library in town that is 2 blocks from me had an opening. I started my career in that library and they wondered if I would want to come back and work part-time. I jumped at the chance. I can now walk to work again and it will only be 1-3 days a week, which is exactly what I wanted. It will be some extra spending money so that we can go geocaching this summer!