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Expensive Weekend (By Our Standards, Anyway)

April 4th, 2011 at 04:28 am

We had a houseful this weekend. One of our sons and his fiancee' came to visit, which also meant that the kids that live close were here too. Many mouths to feed.

I thought I had planned well. Friday night I made sloppy joes and waffle fries. I knew that Saturday for a lunch/dinner we were going to take the 2 visiting out to eat and use a gift card my last Financial Peace University class had gotten for us. I assumed that they would leave Sunday after church so I didn't have to worry about lunch. Wrong. We ended up with a full house again and no food prepared so we ended up ordering pizza and wings. Granted, it only cost us $40, which really isn't bad, but it was $40 I hadn't planned on spending.

Oh well. They only come home a few times a year so I guess we can spare the extra out of the budget. ;-) It was good to see most of the kids together again. That doesn't happen often.